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Swasthya Rakshan Yojana

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Shivalik Institute of Ayurved and Research has been at forefront while executing Swasthya Rakshan Yojana; launched by Ministry of Ayush. The Institute has been meticulous from the planning till on field implementation of the project. Rigorous research study of three months duration was done by a team of faculty lead by Dr.Shivi Saxena; asst. professor in Sharir Kriya to prepare a standard diagnostic protocol which includes examination using modern medicine diagnostic tools, community medicine, prakruti parikshan, eashtavidha pariksha and swasthavritta. This literary research was compiled and poured into a format of journal as standard operating procedures for the program as well as for data management.

In second stage; Dr.Shivi Saxena trained the first year students of the institute (Batch 2017). Students were divided into six groups lead by teachers as their mentors. In some groups; teachers took the lead in examination whereas in other groups; students were allowed to go ahead with examination and teachers observed and supported in case if any doubts. The institute has adopted two villages; v.i.z.; Banshiwala and Hedawali. Thirty students and corresponding three teachers were deputed to each village.


Students were happy to get hands on clinical training from first year itself. The villagers were happy to receive free health support and guidance at home. We observed that the major aspects of training included hygiene maintenance and to help villagers with health related doubts. There are colonies in Hedawali for retired army and civil officers. We understood that we needed a specific geriatric approach in this region and even basic healthcare services such as eashtavidha pariksha, monitoring pulse, B.P. and blood sugar can make a huge difference.

The institute is looking forward to improvise this program in terms of training, treatment backups and epidemiological research. Thus; a new batch sixty students will be soon trained and introduced in field of two new villages being adopted.