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Prakriti Assessment Training Programme

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Training programme for Master trainers on standardized Prakriti assessment scale and AYUR Prakriti web portal imported by the central council for research in ayurvedic Science (CCRAS) and organised by faculty of Ayurveda, Main Campus Uttarakhand Ayurveda university Harrawala , Dehradun Uttarakhand on 25th &26th March 2021.

From our college SHIVALIK INSTITUTE OF AYURWEDA & RESEARCH these four faculty members participated & declared as Master Trainers-

  1. Dr.Sananand Thapliyal (professor in Kaya Chikitsa)
  2. Dr.Shivi Saxena (Asst.Proffesor in Kriya Sharir)
  3. Dr.Diwakar Shukla in punchk( Asst.Proffesor in Panchkarma)
  4. Dr. Deepak Verma (( Asst.Proffesor Rachana sharir)

In this two days programme –in

Day 1 – Prakriti Parikshana Methods & what precautions should be taken while assessment of 07 an individual elevates & brief introduction of their Research History was given by the CCRAS scientists manuals are given they exam how to use Prakriti Parikshana software.
DAY 2- 2nd day all the doctors who were participating in this training programme registered in Prakriti Assesment web Portal Prakriti Assessment of each other by using the software developed by CCRAS. We all reached at this conclusion that the software developed by CCRAS. Is very useful to assist the Prakriti & results are very accurate at the end of 2nd day 07 this programme CCRAS certify us as a Master Trainer.