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The Hospital is proud to cater emergency medical services along with holistic care for acute as well as chronic ailments. There are seven outdoor departments for specialized consultations with a separate department of casualty and separate department for dressing and first aid. The Dispensary of hospital is specialized with Ayurveda as well as allopath medicines. The Indoor Patient Block of the hospital consists of nine departments of specialization along with doctor’s duty rooms, nursing staff duty rooms and store rooms. Hospital has operation theatre block that contains major operation theatre, minor operation theatre, shalakya operation theatre, labor room, neonatal care room, central sterilization unit, scrub room and recovery room. There are 13 specialized Panchakarma departments and also availability of specialized department for physiotherapy treatments. The diagnostic block of Hospital contains well equipped spacious area with separate sections for Pathology, Biochemistry and Microbiology. The hospital is also equipped with necessary materials and space for x-ray procedures. The Hospital is also equipped with its own ambulance services.