Hospital Deparment


Kayachikitsa : Kayachikitsa department is a specialized department dedicated to consulting of general medicine corresponding to wide range of ailments such as indigestion, hyperacidity, constipation, renal calculus, hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, psoriasis and depression.

Panchakarma : Panchakarma department is a specialized department of treatment for cleansing or detox. It eliminates vitiated entities from within the body and rejuvenates body and mind. This specialized treatment is highly effective in gastrointestinal diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, skin diseases, autoimmune diseases and mental disorders.

Shalya Tantra : Shalya department is a specialized department dedicated for minor and major surgical procedures. The Ayurveda surgical procedures consist of a specialized treatment known as ksharsutra which is administered specificially for ano-rectal diseases such as piles – fissure – fistula.

Shalakya Tantra : Shalakya tantra department deals with diseases associated with ear, nose and throat. The department is thus equipped with specific diagnostic instruments used for examination and diagnosis of the corresponding diseases.

Netra Roga Vibhaga : Netra Roga Vibhaga is specifically dedicated to the diseases associated with eyes. Netra Roga Vibhaga is association with Panchakarma Department; administers treatments such as Tarpana, Anjana, Ashchyotana and Putapaka which give significant results in prevention and cure of Netra Roga.

Karna – Nasa – Mukha Evum Danta Roga Vibhaga : The Department is in alignment with Shalakya Department with special focus on dental care and treatment.

Prasuti Evum Striroga : Prasuti and Striroga department corresponds to the gynec and obstetrics department. It is concerned with prevention, monitor and cure of diseases associated with women; from teenage at onset of puberty, women aiming at family planning, infertility, pregnant women and women post menopause. The department in association with Panchakarma department; caters to specialized Ayurveda treatments such as Uttarbasti for infertility and Garbha sanskar for better growth and development of progeny.

Kaumarbhritya : Kaumarbhritya is a specialized department of treatment catering to the diseases associated with children. Children in today’s era are facing large spectrum of diseases ranging from immunodeficiency diseases, lifestyle disorders as well as diseases concerning physical and mental stress. These children need special care and approach of treatment; which is provided by our experts in department of Kaumarbhritya. Suvarna Prashan is the unique treatment to boost immunity; administred under this department.

Swasthavrutta Evum Yoga : Swasthavrutta is the specialized department that focuses on health conservation of healthy individuals. As the name illustrates; it advocates diet and regimen for healthy individuals in order to conserve health. In association with Yoga; this Department becomes holistic preventive and palliative care for individuals at physical, mental and spiritual level.

Aatyayika : Atyayika Chikitsa Vibhaga caters to the services associated with emergency medicine. It includes treatments of patients who require emergency attention and care. Thus; the patients with sudden and severe pain, fainting, unconsciousness, trauma, accidental cases are being treated under atyayika chikitsa. Patients other than these conditions; but approaching hospital in tmings other than that of O.P.D. and requiring urgent care; are being treated under Aatyayika Chikitsa in Casualty department. The department is equipped with ayurvedic as well as modern diagnostic and treatment amenities. The service is available 24 by 7.