Herbal Garden

Dehradun is considered as a get way for Himalayas and having said that; it justifies being rich in its biodiversity through abundance availability of flora and fauna. The region has agriculturists, botanists, horticulturists as well as socialists who are concerned about identification, conservation and cultivation of plants and associated ecosystem. Shivalik Institute of Ayurved and Research; being part of this pristine region; attempts to play its role in conservation and awareness of cultivation of high altitude herbal and aromatic plants along with fulfilling promise of educating students with diverse field of Dravyaguna Vidnyan.

The Institute has a well conserved herbal garden spread across around 2532 square meters consisting of around 255 herbal species. It is rather considered as centre of attraction for the Institute with properly planted herbs along with the details of individual nomenclatures, botanical names, family, synonyms, indications etc. We are in constant efforts of engaging our students to spend time in Herbal garden so that they can observe herbs more closely and learn in a traditional way of herbs identification.