guest lecture

Serial No.


Lecture Speaker Date Event Report
1 Clinical Significance of anatomy. Dr. Shreya Sawant 17-12-2018 Link
2 Interactive Session on Research and Continued Education. Dr. Girish Tilu 11-03-2019 Link
3 Fluid and electrolyte management. Dr.SunilKumar (Paediatrician) 15-06-2022 Link
4 Caesarean section. Dr. Nikhat Ali (Gynecologist) 15-06-2022 Link
5 Mean moon medium Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal   (Biostatistics) 15-06-2022 Link
6 General Surgery and its History. Dr. Nagpal (Surgery) 25-07-2022 Link
7 Mean moon medium Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal (Biostatistics) 26-07-2022 Link
8 Principle management of shock and anaphylaxis. Dr. Sunil Kumar


26-07-2022 Link
9 Cataract. Dr. Rajesh Tiwari    (Eye) 26-27-2022 Link
10 Hysterectomy Dr. Nikhat Ali (Gynecologist) 29-07-2022 Link


Tumor Dr. Savita Goyal


17-08-2022 Link
12 Nomenclature and classification of tumors. Benign & makignant Dr. Savita Goyal


26-08-2022 Link


Inflammation.. Healing and repair Dr. Savita Goyal


19-09-2022 Link
14 Neonatal  Resuscitation Dr. Sunil Kumar


11-10-2022 Link


Edema Dr. Savita Goyal


10-10-2022 Link