From Principal's Desk

Wisdom of Ayurved is sacred and brought in humanity through tradition of Guru – Shishya parampara for welfare of all the living beings. The necessity of Ayurveda has grown today; more than any time in history and is across the globe. We have thus taken up an accountable task of continuing the Guru – Shishya Parampara in spreading knowledge of Ayurveda. As accountable and sacred; we are very sincere about the task in hand. We are making sure that we impart the quality education in Ayurveda along with skill development and personality development of the students; necessary for excellence in field of Ayurved. We intend to do the same with modern technological aids; without leaving our traditional values and discipline of teaching the science of life.

The wisdom of Ayurved is taught and practiced in different ways corresponding to regional, traditional and linguistic specificities. Keeping this in mind;

we have made it a point to recruit the best teaching faculties from different parts of the country so that our students can get benefit of understanding Ayurved from perspective of different schools of philosophy.

Discipline is the core value of our institute. A good education can be imparted only in presence of a disciplined environment. The institute is thus strict about implementation of its rules and regulations. The environment of the College Campus also impacts the process of education and training. Thus; we have meticulously constructed our infrastructure in a way that a positive and energetic ambience is generated that boosts morale and energy of students as well as teaching and non-teaching staff of the institute.

We are of strong belief that Ayurveda is treasure for humanity and it is our job to enable our students to practice only Ayurveda medicine; without ignoring knowledge and innovations of modern medicine. Having said that; we also acknowledge that the world today requires not only Ayurveda practitioners; but also educators, innovators, researchers, manufacturers, authors, administrators in field of Ayurveda. Thus; we have been promoting our students from first year of B.A.M.S. for research and presentation through National and International conferences.

We are tirelessly enhancing their skills of communication, presentation and writing. We are also training students in regard with cultivation of herbs and manufacturing from the campus itself. Innovation and Entrepreneurship are the future of workforce and we have created our own think tank that has been creating and implementing various activities considering comprehensive development and training of the students. We have been thus also collaborating with various institutes globally who share the same vision and willing to contribute towards welfare of humanity and environment conservation.