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"Mindset is what separates the best from the rest"
A mindset which our college always focuses on is to provide various platforms to its students. UAU, Harrawala organized a food festival in the campus on 4/10/22, where various Ayurvedic colleges participated and presented their food stalls. Shivalik Institute of Ayurved and Research was privileged to have an opportunity to present their students, 14 students of batch 2019 lead by Anamika Pathak (BAMS students Batch 2019 ) participated. The food
stall had 15 dishes :- which included, Fruit chat ,Awale ka halwa ,Khajoor k laddu,Sattu,Chincha panak, Badaam milk, Smoothie, Giloy saag, Beetroot ki sabji, Chapati, Ragi ke Momos,Tricolor Idli and Sambhar, Salad, Herbal tea, Chaach, Red Rice . Their unique theme and idea of presentation got them third prize, it was coordinated by Dr. Anjali pant Assistant Professor (Department of Swasthavritta), Dr. Arun Kumar Assistant professor (Department of Samhita Siddhanta) .