The College has 14 Departments spread across 834 square meters in area. The details of each department are being mentioned under heading of Departments in Academic section. The central library of college is spread across 115 square meters with seating arrangement for 60 individuals and around 10567 books that includes Ayurveda as well as Modern Medicine books and Medical Journals. The Institute has lecture halls with ascending seating arrangements along with teaching aids such as posters, projector with screen, computer and speakers. The Seminar hall of the Institute is spread across 150 square meters and is used for various events, celebrations, admission procedures and for conducting examinations. The Institute also possesses its own herbal garden that is spread across 2532 square meters in area with around 285 herbal species. The institute has unique pharmacy and advanced quality testing laboratory. The Institute also has its own transport facilities for students as well as teaching and non-teaching staff members.